“Hilary was referred to me by a mutual colleague on the eve of rolling out our new website. Given all of the work that had already gone into the website I was inclined to not call but his referral was so enthusiastic I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad that I did and I still thank him for the intro every time that we speak. The following are highlights, just to name of few, of my experience working with Hilary:

- Responsiveness: Hilary is high energy, has a positive attitude, and is super responsive. It makes all of her other qualities that much better because progress can be made quickly and efficiently.

- Brand Experience: I felt Hilary had an excellent grasp of branding and marketing strategies. While she has the ability to handle projects that are large in scope, her experience with the big picture allows her to more effectively work on targeted exercises (as was the case on our project).

- Value: I found Hilary to be fair with her pricing and efficient with her time. Her contribution to our website was exceptionally value-added. In fact, we are currently in discussion about doing more work together.
— Ralph B.
“Hilary was phenomenal to work with. She quickly interpreted our vibe and transformed it into a beautiful and functional website. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she brought some innovative ideas to the site. We couldn’t be happier with the result.
— Tony L. & Michael G.
“Hilary is talented and did a wonderful job creating my business website. She understood what I was looking for and added to the original ideas to make the site more personal and reflective of my work. She was creative with the photos, materials & information and an expert at connecting and highlighting what looked best. Hilary is thoughtful and focused – I am so pleased with the result!
— Karen d.
“Hilary was incredibly efficient. Often times we would throw out ideas late at night, only to find them materialized by the next morning!
— Bradley S.
“Hilary makes it happen. She makes it beautiful, professional and who would have thought, even a little fun! The new site conveys our store, our story and our vibe in a user friendly, attractive forum that Hilary has taught US to update. She is available when needed, patient with her training, and always ready with a helpful idea. We cannot say enough about Hilary’s professionalism, skill and vision. All we need to emphasize is that we are over the moon about our new website.
— Katie G.
“Professional, efficient and easy to work with - that’s a tough combination to find in a creative. Hilary will not only make your brand beautiful and compelling, but she’ll do it with a smile on her face and a sense of humor. She understands how to help you get your message across and reach your best audience - put your complete trust in her and you won’t be disappointed. Ever.
— Lisa C.
“Hilary has just helped Thrive overhaul our website and it’s fantastic! She did it in record time, and because she is so intuitively adept at all aspects - the tech part and the marketing - it was painless for our team. She knew how to lay everything out, she upgraded all of our graphics and created a beautiful site that is garnering a lot of wonderful new attention for our firm. She is easy to work with, extremely responsive and highly intelligent, all ingredients for success!
— Susanna M.
“I just love having Hilary on our side here at The Owl Wine Bar. She makes everything so easy and when you are running a business time is key. Whether it is new content or upgrades to our website, a quick email or text message and she has takes care of the rest, with a professional polish that is unmatched. Such a great asset for us.
— John B.
“After two big misses with other web designers, it was hard considering starting again. One of my clients spoke so highly of Hilary and recommended I contact her. He showed me his website and had rave reviews to share.

Hilary is highly responsive. She took the initiative to create and present the most amazing first draft website, exceeding my expectations in how quickly, beautiful, and on-point it was. I was amazed and so thrilled that I would finally have a beautiful website that would best represent our digital brand, and be user-friendly on all digital platforms.

Hilary brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her work and made me feel my business was a priority to her. Her knowledge, creativity, attention to detail, initiative, and desire to incorporates unique aspects to your site are unparalleled. Hilary not only possess a wide-ranging intellect, she is a dynamic designer, has a fun personality, and has a great sense of humor. Hilary has been incredibly responsive, reliable, flexible, patient, and dependable. She has been quick to respond to questions, and fantastic with managing the maintenance and updates to the site. I have learned a lot from her, and look forward to an ongoing collaboration.

Knowing I can count on Hilary to have my best interests at heart is very reassuring and priceless. If you wish for a high degree of excellence and integrity, I highly recommend Hilary Adorno to hire and collaborate with for your next important project!
— Brenda C.
“Hilary went to work quickly on my website and put it together in a really creative way. She really looked at my content, listened to what I wanted, and put together a website that reflected what I wanted, but better than anything I could have made. She’s really nice and easy to work with, I highly recommend!
— Jane S.
“We found Hilary through multiple emphatic referrals - and now we’ve joined the long list of happy clients singing her praises! Having worked in the design industry for years, we had a pretty defined idea of what we wanted to accomplish with our project. Hilary listened to our story, understood our objectives, and patiently implemented (or respectfully challenged!) all of the revisions we suggested along the way. Her personable approach, collaborative spirit, and sharp sense of humor actually made the process enjoyable - and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
— andrew T.
“Hilary Adorno is a true friend to Pride in the Hills. Please check out her mad skills to see all that she can do for you. She is a joy to work with and she doesn’t have to be in Connecticut to get things done. Hilary - This whole experience has been a pleasure. Thank you for your unwavering support.
— Pride in the hills
“Hilary redesigned our website. She added just the right amount of “pop” to our original basic site. Hilary was fast, professional and her ideas were spot on. No drafts back and forth, she got it right immediately. I highly recommend Hilary Adorno!
— Theresa s.
“As a new author, I needed a website that would capture my story and blend many facets of my book together, as well as my writing life.

I was referred to Hilary by a friend, and from the moment we sat down to work together, I realized the talent she has for her craft. Hilary transformed my book into something three dimensional and gave me the confidence that I needed to move forward with my project. She is a true gem, and believes in people. I am honored to have worked with Hilary Adorno, and would recommend her to anyone who wants a website with the WOW effect.
— Nanette D.
“I am so glad I was referred to Hilary for website work. She has been fantastic to work with over the past few weeks!
Hilary is extremely professional, quick to respond, and will talk you through the whole process. Hilary - you rock!
— Sarah T.
“Hilary is very creative and efficient, it was a pleasure to have her create my website. She is also very communicative and goes the extra mile in finding the right vibe. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have an impactful webpage.
— Angie S.
“Hilary’s work on the redesign of our website was excellent. She created a beautiful, contemporary design, integrated information from our old site that was important to our message, brought us up to date with various methods of accessibility and managed the transition smoothly and effectively. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Initial comments from our national client database have been uniformly positive.
— Tony D.
“Running a small business, who has time to create a website?

Hilary. just. made. it. happen.

Hilary is smart, fast and very professional. Studying my social media material, she gleaned images and understood exactly what I needed. I have received tons of compliments since it went live! It is a website that makes me proud and is perfectly in tune with what I do.
— Laura G.
“Hilary, you are so gifted! You really took my hazy ideas and turned them into a spectacular design that I’m excited to share with the world. Thank you!!!
— Ingrid k.
“Hilary is responsive, creative, collaborative and incredibly efficient. I have received numerous compliments on my new website and I highly recommend Hilary.
— Kathy R.
“Hilary took my original website from ordinary to extraordinary. Hilary’s creative knowledge and expertise is evident the minute you begin working with her. Hilary is responsive and listens to your wants and needs. If you are looking to work with someone, one-on-one, who works in a timely manner, look no further, Hilary is the one!
— Salvatore L.
“Hilary is so easy to work with. She’s intuitive, proactive, and has a great design sense. Being busy with work and kids, I gave her little to work with and she easily ran with it. She’s quick too!
— Sarah W.