I have always been driven to learn and create. I love and appreciate music, design, architecture, history, socializing, and great food. I am self-taught in everything I excel in and made the decision to focus on doing what I do well and what I enjoy.  Here is a little timeline demonstrating how I ended up here.


Follow the soundtrack of my timeline here:


    I was born in Torrington, Connecticut (back when it was a thriving town full of great architecture and family-owned businesses). According to my first-grade report card, I was a prolific social butterfly (nothing has changed) and couldn't prioritize (that has changed). My love of music began immediately. I could expertly belt out Close to You by The Carpenters on command and had the lyrics to every song on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road memorized by age five.


    It was a long, windy road that included two elementary schools, three high schools, and three colleges. During these 20 years I moved over 12 times - always "the new girl", but these experiences gave me the ability to fit into almost any environment. My childhood activities were gymnastics, swimming and equestrian sports. My first real job was at bank. I was hired to assist in the financial services department and was ultimately responsible for managing the bank's cash position (at 18 years old). While I was acquiring my higher education, I worked for the Connecticut Department of Education, administering a municipal bond funded loan program.


    I moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and went to work for a dynamic privately-owned commercial real estate development group (which became the largest REIT in the Southeast). Although I was hired as an assistant, I very quickly worked my way up to Director of Lease Administration. I was transferred to their newly opened Charlotte division to help them hit the ground running. In the South, sports are inescapable, so I became a reluctant Panthers fan, joined a co-ed flag football team, and spent a lot of time on Lake Norman.


    The North Carolina firm was acquiring a portfolio in Colorado, so I agreed to go in advance. The acquisition took longer than anticipated, so I found alternative work for the owner of a huge portfolio of retail and office space throughout greater Denver. I cold called them, was quickly brought in for an interview and hired. I became the Sr. Financial Analyst and stayed with this firm for my entire career in Colorado. Denver is not a historic city (compared New England), but I fell in love with Leadville (former stomping grounds of Doc Holliday and the highest city in the USA at 10,105'), learned how to snowboard and ditched my skis for good.


    I felt landlocked and missed New England, so I packed up a U-Haul and with my cats and my car in tow, I journeyed back across the country. I traversed numerous states that begin with the letter "I", through a never-ending reel of cornfields. I landed in the Farmington Valley and worked for a few real estate developers, but I was used to a collaborative team environment and was never able to capture that magic again. I began testing the waters to see what a career change could look like. I introduced myself to a few incredibly talented musicians and started work in music management and public relations from a spare bedroom in my home. Together with Yogi Lonich, a multi-instrumental virtuoso (Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, Shakira, Richard Marx, Kid Rock, Natasha Bedingfield, Bonnie Raitt, and Alanis Morissette), we independently released two albums and planned accompanying tours. This experience taught me a lot about the industry, which was in full-blown disruption thanks to digital music distribution.


    I met the love of my life in 2009 and we moved to the quiet, community of Lakeside (aka Morris, Connecticut). In 2014, I taught myself off-loom bead-weaving techniques, created by Native Americans to adorn clothing and objects. I started a company (Ice Blink Designs) and sold my handmade jewelry all over the country. I grew weary of schlepping a car full of gear and standing and smiling for hours on end. I hung up my beads in 2016. Needing a website and marketing collateral was the genesis of the work I presently do. I am completely self-taught. I offer a robust product, including web design, social media marketing, print work, content writing, and photography. SIDE NOTE: I'm onto a new hobby: Sailor's Valentines. They were originally handmade by Barbadian women and popular during the Victorian era. The rules are: everything inside the box must be from the sea.